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Discover the genuine sentiments of our valued customers. This is how they feel about us - a testament to our commitment to excellence, personalized service, and customer satisfaction. Their words speak volumes about the positive experiences that define our relationship with each and every one of them. At G Square, it's about creating lasting impressions and earning the trust of our cherished customers

Deepak Ram

Had a good experience with G Square Infinti project. The staffs are very polite and responding for each everything and makes the customers to feel comfort at their place. And periodically they are following up for arranging patta and I received it with great gesture.

Over all I’m very much happy about with their service and project


Over the past two years, I have visited several plot schemes (near Coimbatore). I've spoken to the salespeople and have some background in this. I'll do my best to inform you that Real estate agents charge extremely expensive commissions, so I would advise against using them. Regarding brand names, if you want to invest in plots, I'd recommend G Square. They are a fantastic group of skilled sales representatives who treat you respectfully and are very quick to respond. They have helped me every step since I registered to buy a house in G Square. A year ago, I purchased a plot, built the house, and I have been really happy with the result. I have completely enjoyed the journey.

Lakshmi Meena

I recently purchased a Plot from G Square on my own. I purchased a home property since it provides a serene environment and incredible amenities away from the city's noise and pollution. Before I purchased a plot, G Square provided me with all the information I needed and detailed what will happen in the future. If you're considering purchasing a plot, G Square is your best choice because all of their plots are in excellent locations. You can decide on the location of your choice.

Pradeep Balasubramaniam

Gsquare OMR One layout is in excellent location like nearby MNCs, Schools, World class malls etc. Customer handling and process are smooth and neat. People who are looking to buy a plot they should consider Gsquare for sure you can let your pressure and worries on buying would become very light and easy. Appreciate their perfection and customer support!

Karthikeyan Maruthai

I have always wanted to build my dream house, and when I finally gathered the capital, I was in search of a plot for sale in Chennai. I got in touch with GSquare Housing to find a plot fit for me, and the entire experience has been hassle-free. From the very first meeting and until I purchased their plot, I faced no troubles. They even guided me post the purchase as I started construction. They are undoubtedly the best land promoters in Chennai, South India, and I would suggest them to anyone looking for a promising plot and service.

Rameshwar Kanmane

You'll never feel that you're dealing with a real estate company known to us all these days. Thoroughly professional and friendly teams from pre-sales to registration. Remember investing in a property is not child's play. You need to think about the infra, amenities, clear titles, price appreciation etc. Rest assured they're covered by GSquare!!! Highly recommended.

Dipali Punmia

"Being from a real estate family, I frequently receive inquiries like ""plots or apartments? What is superior? You see, that depends entirely on you and your priorities. But I can say with great clarity that plots have historically produced higher returns in India. The value of your land will increase if it is located in an area with adequate infrastructure. It is a great money-saving investment with higher future returns guaranteed. Please think about G Square if you're planning to purchase land in OMR or Coimbatore. They offer top-notch amenities, and it can be a great place to invest."

Sugan Krishna

"For a very long time, I have been seeking investment prospects. I have saved my hard-earned money because I don't come from a wealthy household. Real estate is a safer investment for me than anything else because I am not good with the stock market. I learned about the OMR project of G Square and the amenities provided. Considering that my folks reside in the middle of nowhere, I became really excited. I purchased a plot in G Square for my parents, who have worked hard their entire lives! The OMR project is the perfect retirement home for my parents! I've felt quite proud of myself for that choice. THANK YOU, G Square."

Meenakshi Sundaram

We spent a very long time looking for a home since we want a pleasant environment. Despite the fact that we had a number of choices, we liked G Square. Through several of our clients, we learned about G Square. Actually, we're very content. Our questions were answered in great detail by the sales team. They accompanied us on our journey even throughout registration. They helped to make this trip a genuine memory

Jacinth Devakiruba

I had a goal of buying a house before I turned 25. I enjoy doing extensive study and always prefer to make informed selections. I normally have a lot of curiosity. I require complete information regarding the choices I make. Before making a decision, I often list the advantages and disadvantages. I followed a similar procedure when I wanted to construct my own home. The benefits outweighed the drawbacks. I, therefore, decided to purchase a plot. I had to carry on my investigation. After careful consideration, I decided on G Square. It was flawless. The construction of my dream home was on a tight budget. Many thanks, G Square!

Anusha Ramesh

We are grateful for all the support we have received along the way from the staff at G Square Housing, who did an excellent job of helping us find the perfect location for our dream home. The sites of every plot they showed us were amazing, and there were plenty of utilities and facilities nearby.


We have purchased plot in GSquare jewel. We would like to share our experience with GSquare that it is highly recommended for people who are dreaming to build the house in prime location which means accessibility of hospital, schools, colleges and reachable to shopping centre etc., Also, the documents and legal are more reliable. The overall follow up and arrangement till the handover was fully satisfied with GSquare delight team.

Bala Chandar

I recently bought a plot in G Square Aurora.the layout is in prime location very close to OMR navalur junction. I am really satisfied with the service rendered by their whole team. They had made all arrangements they promised and helped me walk through the process till my registration process with ease. Their follow up with the customer and their support rendered is highly satisfactory.

Aravind S

Honestly speaking I don't have any idea on the land related documents, I was really afraid how the process of buying a land is going to be. But G square entirely took all the burden on their shoulders, starting from selecting a plot till the registration process. T hey have made it hassle free. Special thanks to Mahalakshmi, Vinoth and Reena from the team who really did a great job in assisting us.

S G Nathan

Very nice cool location with 100 of amenities. Lots of general purpose parks and free areas. Wide roads, road side parks, UG cables. Solar street lights. Located in L&T bypass main road COIMBATORE city. Plot 1533

Archana Rajkumar

Nicely planned layout and wonderful amenities promised. The sales and support teams are quite helpful, ensuring that the registration process goes smoothly. Also, the customer service team does a nice job of engaging customers post sale.


I am happy to buy a property with GSquare. So far all the requirement while processing very smoothly handled by G team. The cooperation was very good. Now look forward for speed up of completion of Aminities promised. I am happy with the progress.