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7 Reasons Why Land Is The Best Future Investment

February 20, 2022

Planning to buy a plot? Great choice! The land is one of the most fruitful real estate investments that can be put to multiple uses and is known to yield high Returns on Investment (RoI). Like commercial real estate, the land is a safe and secure investment option that hardly deters in value, based on the market conditions. This blog will discuss why buying land is a good investment.


If you are looking to invest, you would definitely have thought about investing in real estate. According to Wikipedia, real estate investment is the process of purchase, management, and ownership of a property for profit.

Real estate is a great investment – safe and secure, with a high probability of giving good Returns on Investment (RoI). There are many types of real estate you can invest in –

  • Land
  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial real estate
  • Industrial real estate

Of the four main real estate types, the land is one of the most sought after, as it offers a lucrative investment avenue. The land is defined as a parcel of plain land with no development whatsoever, let out for sale. If you purchase land, you will be able to put it to multiple uses. You can choose to develop a commercial, residential, or industrial property and reap several monetary benefits from it, or you can even choose to put it to personal use and build a home or an office for your business on it.

The land is the most preferred investment type in India. The main advantage of buying land over other real estate property types is that the demand is high while the supply of land is limited. This makes land an exceptionally valuable asset to invest in and is one of the reasons why buying land is a good investment.

Are you looking to invest in land in Chennai? You have made the right choice! This blog will discuss 7 reasons to buy land and why buying land is a good investment for the future! Keep reading!

7 Reasons Why Land Is The Best Future Investment

The land offers lucrative opportunities in terms of development and seeing solid returns. The benefits you reap out of land investment are much higher compared to the money you actually invest in buying a parcel of land. Being an attractive investment avenue, here are a few reasons why land is the best investment you can make for the future –

1. Plots have a higher appreciation value
Yes, due to the high demand for land, they have a higher appreciation value compared to any other real estate asset, including commercial, industrial, or residential property. However high the demand for plots is, the supply for the same cannot be increased to meet the market demand. In addition to this, with no maintenance cost involved, their value only increases over time, thereby surpassing the value of other properties. This is one of the main reasons to buy land.

2. The flexibility factor that comes with land
If you invest in land, you have the flexibility to choose what you want to do with it. Since land is a plain parcel of land, it opens up a plethora of options for you to choose from. You can either wait for the right time and resell the land as it is or even choose to develop it into a property of your choice – commercial, residential, or industrial property. This is one of the main reasons why buying land is a good investment for the future.

3. No space to compromise on quality
One of the reasons to invest in land is the quality factor. Since plots are plain parcels of land, there is no compromising on quality involved. In the case of apartments and other real estate assets like commercial and industrial properties, you will have to worry about the quality of multiple things because they are developed assets. But this is not the case in the land, as they come as undeveloped parcels. However, you need to consider other factors like location, price, and more when you purchase land.

4. Land is a fast-moving asset
If you are looking to buy plots in Chennai or any other tier 1 or tier 2 city, you will have no problem with its resale. Cities in India, especially Chennai, are rapidly developing. The industrial, IT, and corporate sectors are witnessing heightened growth, thereby paving the way for more employment and, subsequently, more demand for real estate – both commercial and residential. This makes land a fast-moving asset, always in demand.

5. Plots don’t require much maintenance
Other real estate property types like commercial, residential, and more require high maintenance, especially when they are not occupied. But this is not the case with the land. Since land is a plain parcel of plot that has not seen any real estate development, you don’t have to worry about maintenance at all. Therefore, the post-investment expenses will be very minimal for you. This is why buying land is a good investment.

6. Land ownership ensures financial security
When you think of making an investment, financial security is one of the most important things you must consider. Both financial security and stability are very important. Investing in the land offers the financial security you need. The development possibilities that land offers allow you to earn steady income out of your investment – you can develop your land into a residential and commercial property and see good rental returns. This way, land ensures solid financial security.

7. Initial investment in land is low
In the case of apartments and other developed properties, you will be paying for the land as well as the development that has taken place, along with many other overhead expenses. However, in the case of purchasing land, you will only be paying for the plain plot parcel, which will work out cheaper for you. The other expenses you will incur depend on what and how you choose to develop the land. Therefore, the initial investment in land is extremely low.

These are a few reasons why buying land is a good investment for the future. If you are looking to buy land in Chennai, now is the right time, given the rounds of the rapid development taking place in various sectors, including the commercial, IT, Corporate, Automobile, and more.

The fact that land has the ability to appreciate in value with time proves that it is a fruitful investment that will give you great returns in the future. You can learn more about why plots are in vogue in the investment market right now here! If you are looking for a solid investment that will add value in the future, investing in land is the best deal you can make! G Square is south India’s largest and Tamil Nadu’s No. 1 real estate developer. With projects in multiple prime locations across the southern part of the country, we will help you buy the best land parcel at competitive prices at the right time. We have guided several clients – individuals and corporates – in finding the best plots in prime locations that meet their needs. For more details, get in touch with us at