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    [listing_title] => Commercial Land / Plots for Sale in OMR, Chennai
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                    [faq_title] => How can you buy a commerical land in OMR? 
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Follow these tips to effortlessly buy the best commercial land in OMR

  1. Check its DTCP and CDMA approval.
  2. Review that the amenities provided are fulfilling your needs.
  3. Check the locality & the kind of facilities available in the area.

Visit our website G Square to get complete assistance while buying a commercial land in OMR!

) [1] => Array ( [faq_title] => What is the stamp duty to buy a commercial land in OMR? [faq_description] =>

The standard value levied on commercial plots for sale in OMR Chennai is 7% stamp duty on the market value of the land and 1% registration charges on the same. Want more assistance while buying commercial properties in OMR? Simply visit G Square for complete guidance on buying commercial land in OMR!

) [2] => Array ( [faq_title] => What are some CDMA Approved commerical Plots for Sale in OMR? [faq_description] =>

The CDMA-approved G Square commercial plots for sale in OMR include G Square Jewel and G Square Padur. Beside sbeing strategically located in one of the prime locations in the city, it also offers essential amenities for your needs. For getting the best deal on commercial plots, visit G Square and recreate your dream office space!

) [3] => Array ( [faq_title] => What is the advantage of CMDA approval? [faq_description] =>

The CMDA approval is an essential documentation to have before you buy Commercial plots in OMR. Here’s why –

  1. This approval secures your investment against fraudulent activities or illegal demolition.
  2. CMDA approval offers you extra tax benefits.

If you want CMDA-approved Commercial land in OMR, Consider visiting G Square.

) [4] => Array ( [faq_title] => What are some DTCP Approved commercial Plots for Sale in OMR? [faq_description] =>

If you are looking for some DTCP-approved Commercial plots for sale in OMR, we have a wide variety of options available for you, including G Square Jewel & G square Padur. Constructed as a gated community, the basic amenities you need. For further guidance visit G Square.

) [5] => Array ( [faq_title] => What is the advantage of DTCP approval? [faq_description] =>

If you want to buy a Commercial plot in OMR, here are some essential reasonw hy it should be DTCP approved:-

1. It ensures your property is officially recorded & secured by the state government.

2. It secures you from making a fraudulent investment & the property from the risk of demolition.

If are looking for the best Commercial plot options in OMR Chennai, visit the G Square website.

) [6] => Array ( [faq_title] => What amenities come standard with commerica plots and land for sale in OMR? [faq_description] =>

While buying commercial plots for sale in OMR Chennai. You will get the following standard amenities that are –

  1. Surrounded by upcoming business destinations & hubs.
  2. Proper drainage and street lights.
  3. Gated community and safety for all employees.

For more detailed information on commercial plots, visit & contact G Square Housing.

) [7] => Array ( [faq_title] => Are there any gated community plots available for sale in OMR? [faq_description] =>

Yes, at G square you can find the best gated community plots for sale in OMR Chennai. G Square Padur in OMR are some excellent options! They are one of the best-gated community plots as they are situated in a prime business centre of the city. For more detailed information, contact G Square!

) ) [faq_heading] => Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Plots in OMR, Chennai )

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