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Coimbatore real estate market & how it is suitable for NRIs

October 4, 2022

The Coimbatore Real Estate Market
If you are looking to make fruitful real estate investments in Tamil Nadu, then you should be eyeing the city of Coimbatore! Coimbatore, a Tier-II city in Tamil Nadu, India, has seen solid infrastructural and industrial development in the past decade and a half. Also popularly known as the ‘Textile Valley Of India’, it is one of the most developed cities in Tamil Nadu, second to Chennai. It houses the Palladam Hi-tech Weaving Park, the first integrated textile weaving park in the country. One of the cities listed by the Ministry of Urban Development for the Smart City Project, Coimbatore, has been witnessing widespread growth and development in the fields of electronics manufacturing and IT over the past decade. The next section of the article will discuss why Coimbatore is suitable for NRIs looking to invest in real estate. Keep reading!

How Coimbatore Is A Suitable Real Estate Investment Destination For NRIs
Real estate is one of the best avenues to park your money, especially for NRIs who are looking to invest in their homeland. Coimbatore’s real estate market offers a lucrative platform for investment. The growth in the different industries has paved the way for more job opportunities and, in turn, increased demand for real estate. Both residential and commercial properties, as well as land, have a great demand in the city. Here are a few reasons why Coimbatore is a great city for NRIs to invest in real estate.

  • The industry growth in the city has led to the expansion of businesses and an increase in job opportunities, thereby increasing the demand for commercial and residential real estate.
  • The returns on investment that real estate investment in Coimbatore offers are exceptional. With the city thriving in terms of economic growth, you will be able to reap good returns on your real estate investment.
  • The city is home to an exceptional belt of educational institutions that offer top-grade training to students from across the country. This has increased the demand for housing in and around these areas. Therefore, residential real estate investment can yield you good income.
  • Prices of real estate are comparatively low as Coimbatore is a developing city while being fertile land for real estate development. This is an added advantage for investors as they get to save money in a lucrative investment avenue.
  • Real estate in Coimbatore is also a secure investment as the development of the city is in fast-track mode. This will only result in the appreciation of the real estate value, thereby proving to be a fruitful investment.
  • Tourism is also thriving in the city as it is located in good proximity to several tourist destinations, including hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Valparai, Coorg, etc. This is a great opportunity to invest in rental property.

In addition to this, Coimbatore is also a popular settlement destination for pensioners and retired people for the pleasant climate and high quality and peaceful life the city provides. Investors looking for returns usually buy land and develop it into housing communities or commercial property based on their investment goals and the area in which they buy land.

The real estate market is growing left, right, and centre in Coimbatore and holds great investment potential for investors, especially for NRIs in the future. If you are an NRI looking to buy plots in Coimbatore, consider investing with G Square, South India’s largest and Tamil Nadu’s no. 1 real estate developers. With over 10 years of experience in helping individuals and established corporates find the right plots at competitive prices, we offer land in various areas in Coimbatore, including Sulur, Singanallur, Krishnaswamy Nagar, Avinashi Road, Othakalmandapam, and more. For more details, visit our website