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Why Coimbatore is the Best Place to Invest in Property in 2023

March 3, 2023

Coimbatore, a major metropolitan city of Tamilnadu, because of its extensive textile industry is famously known as the “Manchester of South India.” Over the last few years, the city has witnessed outstanding economic growth in the automobile, agriculture, and textile industries. Currently, there are more than 25,000 small, medium and large-scale industries spread across the region. Due to this exponential growth, lower cost of living, and employment opportunities, the city has attracted a lot of real estate investors and end-users who’re looking to lead a better quality of life in this part of the country.

So to cater for this demand, there are various residential lands and plots in Coimbatore that’ll be the best place to invest in property for you. While better employment opportunities, and economic growth of the place matter, there are some other key reasons why people are looking to buy a property in Coimbatore.  An investment that could be made for living or renting it out, either way, it becomes the best investment opportunity for you.

Reasons Why Investing in a Property in Coimbatore is the Best Place to Invest in Property.

1.  Adequate connectivity

One of the top reasons that you think of while looking for the best place to invest in property is the quality of infrastructure. A decent infrastructure that is able to provide adequate connectivity with all the major parts of the state.

As one of the most industrialised cities in Tamilnadu, Coimbatore receives a large influx of jobseekers from various parts of Tamilnadu. Better connectivity via three national highways, rails, airports, and public buses, to other parts of the state, provides smooth mobility and flexibility to this large crowd within the city. Extensive connectivity helps in cutting down the cost of transportation and makes it much faster as well. That makes it one of the most desired places to buy plots in Coimbatore.

2.  Educational & Employment Hubs

After infrastructure, the second important thing that you consider when you look for the best place to invest in property is the presence of educational & employment hubs. That becomes the foremost necessity when you have kids.

The city is peppered with well-established medical. engineering, arts, and commerce colleges. It is also home to various research institutes and major employment hubs such as Saravanampatti, Kalapatti and Avinashi Road. All of the employment avenues located nearby make it one of the most favourable places for people with a family or looking to start one to buy a property in Coimbatore.

3.  Healthcare Facilities

Another significant factor that you consider when you look for the best place to invest in property is the availability of better healthcare facilities within the vicinity of the property. Some of India’s well-reputed hospitals such as Pristyn Care, G Kuppuswami Naidu Memorial Hospital, Kovai Medical Center & Hospital, and PSG Hospitals, have their healthcare centres evenly spread around the city.

That becomes an even more important factor when you have elders and kids in your family. And for this very reason, buying a property in Coimbatore becomes a better investment decision.

4.  Serene Environment

The presence of a peaceful, safe, clean & green environment is another major reason that Coimbatore is the best place to invest in property. Though it’s one of the most industrial towns in the state, due to better governmental policies and execution Coimbatore is also considered one of the cleanest and greenest places to live in the state.

So, buying residential plots in Avinashi Road, L&T bypass and TVS nagar could be some of the best options for you to invest in a property in Coimbatore.

5.  Entertainment Facilities

Lastly, the presence of better entertainment & recreational facilities for every member of the family is another major reason that makes Coimbatore the best place to invest in property. Apart from various parks, cafes, malls, and Yoga centres, Coimbatore also encompasses several tourist attractions such as Vydehi Falls, Adishiva Statue, and Kovai Kottadatam.

This makes it the most desirable location for buying property in Coimbatore.


G Square has various options to invest in residential plots in Coimbatore. Our projects include residential plots for sale in Sulur, Singanallur, TVS nagar and many more places around Coimbatore. All of these residential plots in Coimbatore are situated in a well-established neighbourhood with all the prominent facilities stated above. And soon these places are going to get sold out because of their ultimate location and better pricing.

We can’t emphasize it enough that Coimbatore is the best place to invest in property. So, if you want to start a family and want to give them the best facilities and surroundings, then you should definitely think about investing in the right kind of property in Coimbatore. A plot on which you can build your dream house and give you and your loved ones the best standard of living. If you’re still unsure which type of plots in Coimbatore could be the best investment for you? You are welcome to schedule a call with our experienced dealers and brokers. For more details, visit G Square housing