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The best areas for budget-friendly plots in Coimbatore

November 23, 2022

Why is Coimbatore ideal for real estate investments?

Coimbatore city is swiftly moving towards the fast-track development mode having various development projects in and around the city. The city will soon have an expanded Coimbatore airport as the expansion of the existing airport is in progress. This solely promotes the new aprons to accommodate long flights and night halts and expand the zone worldwide.

Apart from this, there are other projects like the Vellalore integrated bus terminus to connect intra and inter-city more effectively, the defense industrial park with huge budget turnover for new manufacturing units, and the IT hub expansion in the Bypass road Coimbatore adds on to the development plans in Coimbatore. Considering the growth plans and job opportunities, the population of Coimbatore is bound to increase. All these growth opportunities have led to a spike in the real estate market in Coimbatore.

Being a tier-II city, there are several budget-friendly plots in Coimbatore which will soon increase in price due to the sudden rise in demand for real estate plots in Coimbatore. Therefore, now is the time for you to invest in Coimbatore’s real estate market for affordable, budget-friendly options to invest in and lead a luxurious lifestyle.

The best areas for budget-friendly plots in Coimbatore

Overall, Coimbatore is a pleasant, calm, and steady-paced city with a blend of tranquility, culture, and opulent lifestyle. Thanks to the consistently pleasant climate, anyone choosing to live in Coimbatore has an advantage.

One of India’s top smart Tier-II cities, it offers nearly all the amenities and facilities needed for a comfortable, peaceful, and healthy lifestyle. Both residential and commercial plot investments in Coimbatore guarantee a high return on investment in the years to come. It’s a wise decision if you decide to invest in the real estate market. Here is a list of the best areas for budget-friendly plots in Coimbatore.

1. TVS Nagar, Edayarpalayam

The evolution of the trendy luxurious modern lifestyle is fast approaching among people. Hence the real estate market is constantly adapting to new setups to promote a luxurious and healthy standard of living with various amenities nearby to keep your convenience above all else. One of the investment locations with a high growth potential that offers the best convenience and security is TVS Nagar.

  • Accessibility: Easily accessible to nearby educational institutions, healthcare facilities, grocery stores, ATMs and entertainment centers like clubs, resorts and restaurants.
  • Connectivity: Marudha Nagar Bus Stop, Coimbatore Junction railway station, 20 km from the airport
  • Budget-Friendly: Premium, affordable
  • Approximate Investment Price: Rs 57 lakhs onwards

This location qualifies as being both upscale and affordable. The lush surroundings and rich cultural heritage of TVS Nagar make up for a comfortable luxurious way of life.

2. Avinashi, Coimbatore

Avinashi Road, Coimbatore, has the next budget-friendly plots in Coimbatore that are trending for all the right reasons. This highway connects various major junctions, banging the title of ‘gateway into the city Coimbatore by road. In recent years, this locality has seen drastic improvements that include the presence of multi-speciality hospitals, educational institutions, corporate offices, shopping malls, luxury restaurants and hotels.

3. Chinnavedampatti, Coimbatore

Chinnavedampatti is another suburb locality of Coimbatore, falling under the list of budget-friendly plots in Coimbatore. The weather here is a pleasant majority of the year, along with a well-maintained standard of living among people. This place is a perfect blend of arts and culture, along with the existence of major small, medium and large-sized industries here.

  • Accessibility: Almost all the facilities are available within a short distance, including schools, work and leisure facilities.
  • Connectivity: Gandhi Nagar Bus Stop, Thudiyalur Railway Station, Coimbatore International Airport
  • Budget-Friendly: Affordable
  • Approximate Investment Price: Rs 36 lakhs onwards

4. L&T Bypass, Coimbatore

Home to several well-known IT companies, L&T Bypass has most IT employees residing within this locality. Since this location is already well-renowned for its infrastructure, various smart gated community projects are in progress for investment purposes that assure special amenities within the township. It is one of the best budget-friendly plots in Coimbatore, available at an affordable price.

  • Accessibility: All facilities available within the radar, along with special amenities within the gated community
  • Connectivity: Pattanam Bus Stop, Singanallur Bus Terminus, Coimbatore Railway Station, Coimbatore International Airport
  • Budget-Friendly: Affordable
  • Approximate Investment Price: Rs 36 lakhs onwards

5. Othakalmandapam, Coimbatore

Othakalmandapam, otherwise called O.K mandapam, connects well with the Pollachi main road, Coimbatore. This area is known for its educational institutions, which include schools, art colleges and engineering centers. Since it is located on the outskirts of Coimbatore, it is in its developing stage. It provides a better competitive investment price compared to other locations in Coimbatore. There are several ongoing luxurious projects in this area, and it is the best time to bang on the budget-friendly plots in Coimbatore right now.

  • Accessibility: Increasing amenities with almost all basic facilities available around
  • Connectivity: Othakalmandapam Bus Stop, Madukkarai Railway Station, Coimbatore International Airport
  • Budget-Friendly: Very Affordable
  • Approximate Investment Price: Rs 30 lakhs onwards

6. Nallampalayam, Coimbatore

Nallampalayam is well connected to the rest of the city through public transportation. This place is Coimbatore’s green locality, providing its residents with a lustrous close-to-nature feel. If you look forward to peaceful, tranquil living, this is the place to invest in! The residential plots here are not only budget-friendly plots in Coimbatore but also eco-friendly.

  • Accessibility: All basic amenities available within the close proximity
  • Connectivity: Sai baba colony Bus Stop, Coimbatore north junction Railway Station, Coimbatore International Airport
  • Budget-Friendly: Premium Affordable
  • Approximate Investment Price: Rs 43.5 lakhs onwards


So these are the top budget-friendly plots in Coimbatore that are fast selling due to their high potential for good ROI in upcoming years. Contact G Square if you want to buy one of these Coimbatore plots at a reasonable price. We are south India’s largest and Tamil Nadu’s No. 1 real estate developers. We are the predominant real estate developers here and can provide some amazing investment opportunities for you. We have successfully fulfilled the investment desires of many big corporates and industrialists, and we can fulfill yours too!! Contact us through our website for more details.