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Why are plots in Coimbatore more affordable than in Chennai?

November 16, 2022 | Coimbatore

Reasons why plot in Coimbatore more affordable than Chennai

1. Emerging City – Coimbatore

While Chennai is a developed cosmopolitan city, Coimbatore is an emerging city. Coimbatore is the second-largest city of Tamil Nadu and is addressed as the Manchester of south India. It has numerous small, medium, and significant textile industries. Aside from that, the IT sector is the second-largest industry, with numerous well-known MNCs moving into tier II cities like Coimbatore, including TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, Robert Bosch, AES Technologies, Indus-novateur for SAP, Access Healthcare Services, KMIT solutions, ASEC, and many more. When considering Coimbatore’s long-term development goals, it is evident that Coimbatore is one of the emerging cities in India. Since it is in its emerging phase, the cost of buying plots in Coimbatore is still available at a very reasonable price compared to Chennai.

2. The cost of living is affordable in Coimbatore

In every way, Coimbatore’s cost of living is less than Chennai’s. Compared to Chennai, general provisional requirements, consumer items, rental costs, and shopping for clothes and accessories are all relatively less expensive. Sports, utilities, transportation, and healthcare are practically identical to Chennai. However, there is a significant difference in just one industry, notably real estate. Due to Coimbatore’s growing status, numerous ongoing real estate projects with residential and commercial plots are currently offered at incredibly low prices. Investing today is the best option for a future with a commendable ROI.

3. Quality of living

Compared to the frenetic pace of Chennai, Coimbatore has a leisurely pace of life that allows residents to savor each minute. Like Chennai, it is deeply ingrained in its culture and traditions. However, Chennai has recently shifted and is now a blend of transition and contemporary developments. The city of Coimbatore has been properly maintained with beautiful flora and fauna from nature and a peaceful, tranquil lifestyle. As the city is in a fast developing stage yet, it is one of the major reasons why plots in Coimbatore are more affordable than in Chennai. Imagine having a new building or independent villa surrounded by lush nature with many modern amenities for a sumptuous experience at a reasonable price. Yes, it is currently possible to purchase plots in Coimbatore for a reasonable price today.

4. Amazing climate

Compared to Chennai’s perpetual sunshine, Coimbatore has excellent weather for nine months out of the year. The city of Coimbatore always has warm and enjoyable weather because numerous hill stations surround it. People from Coimbatore will discern the difference and typically complain about how hot and miserable the weather in Chennai is.

5. Getaway destination around

Numerous hill towns, including Ooty, Kodaikanal, Coonoor, Yercaud, Topslip, and others, are located all around the city of Coimbatore. These serve as the ideal weekend vacation locations for the people of Coimbatore. One can regularly schedule quick, short getaways of 3–4 days because these locations are convenient to Coimbatore.

Why consider investing in Coimbatore rather than Chennai?

Investing in Coimbatore is the best investment option if you are looking for land solely for long-term investment purposes. You can bang on an amazing deal in Coimbatore on the same budget as Chennai. Also, keeping the constant growth factor of Coimbatore in mind, you can stay rest assured that the investment will provide the best results in the following years.

Apart from these, there are several other factors to consider while deciding whether to invest in Coimbatore or Chennai.

  1. Recent floods in Chennai

Devastating floods that struck Chennai in recent years have had long-term harmful effects on the city’s residents. People now hesitate before traveling from one area of Chennai to another, which was once the safest. No one wants to imagine their hard-earned money lost in the city’s floods. Thus, the safety and prevalence of floods during the rainy season should be considered when investing in Chennai’s market. It has shifted people’s minds while investing in Chennai’s real estate market.

  1. More spacious plots within the city

Each of us has set aside specific money for investments. The biggest and most challenging distinction between Chennai and Coimbatore is that you may get much smaller land for the same price in Chennai. Still, in Coimbatore, you can purchase a larger, more tranquil, and more picturesque plot within the city. It is because Coimbatore, which is still in its emerging phase, allows you to earn more in terms of size, money, and quality of life. It is one of the reasons why plots in Coimbatore are more affordable than in Chennai. Therefore, why not choose a better option at the same price point to simultaneously receive higher quality and quantity?


These are the reasons why plots in Coimbatore are more affordable than in Chennai. If you’ve already decided to invest in Coimbatore, do this with G Square, the finest and most prestigious real estate developer in south India. We are south India’s largest and Tamil Nadu’s No. 1 real estate developers. We have had great success assisting investors in purchasing the greatest residential and business plots in high ROI localities. When it comes to real estate sector investing, a lot of large organizations and corporate executives have faith in us. You can count on us to connect your investment needs towards fulfilling your profit goals. To inquire about available plots, get in touch with us via our website today.