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7 essential amenities you can expect while buying plots in Bengaluru

November 4, 2022 | Bangalore

Blog Summary

Even after the epidemic took a heavy toll, the real estate market is booming. We have learned lessons from the pandemic in the most difficult possible ways. People are increasingly more interested in investing in real estate homes that offer all the necessary facilities and comfortable living space. This blog will discuss the 7 essential amenities to expect while buying plots in Bengaluru and the reasons you should consider investing in the city’s real estate market.


Calculating the ROI after investing in real estate can be challenging, depending on whether the market is bullish or bearish. However, there are several characteristics that, although unimportant to the market, have a significant impact on the rise in ROI + raising the credibility of people living in that investment plot. Bengaluru is one of the best places to settle down, with many job opportunities. Let us discuss the essential amenities to expect while buying plots in Bengaluru.

Why should you consider buying plots in Bengaluru?

India’s Silicon Valley is Bengaluru, the leading city for exporting information technology. Until recently, it was the center for startups in India; since then, Delhi has taken the lead. In general, Bengaluru has been leading growth and has been a fully diversified smart city for a long time. The city is home to a divergent population who moved there searching for various job opportunities. Bengaluru has a thriving culture, cutting-edge technology, a properly functioning waste disposal system, perfect blend of green with tech, peace and serenity.

Bengaluru city provides an amazing lifestyle for its residents with shopping malls, restaurants, delicious food, religious temples and culture. Again there is a blend of diversified religions, balancing tradition with trends.

Since it is now a prime IT hub, it has paved the way for many other industrial growths, such as hotel and tourism, the real estate market and much more. Bengaluru is an amazing place to settle down with ROI on any investment plot. However, one has to cling enough to specific essential amenities to expect while buying plots in Bengaluru.

Amenities to expect while buying plots in Bengaluru

Investing in the real estate market will require a lot of money from your savings and, often, a period of committed loans to pay. Having so much money involved, one would not want to risk investing so much in any less ROI-driven locality. Consequently, it’s crucial to concentrate on the amenities to expect while buying plots in Bengaluru for a sound and healthy investment. There are many well-known real estate developers in the market you can reckon for the best guidance pre and post-investment in any type of real estate market for the best ROI.

1. Location

Investing in prestigious areas inside the city limits always yields a significant return. However, choosing the ideal location for you is a unique challenge. One should take into account the area you regularly travel to, as well as other important nearby facilities like utilities, healthcare, and education. It is not wise to invest blindly in rural areas with fewer future growth plans just because it is moderately priced today and might not give good ROI in the long run.

Relying on well-known real estate developers is always preferable in such circumstances. Once you decide on investing in a township, selecting investment plots inside the community is also crucial. It should be located around the community facilities like the swimming pool and play areas for easy access to your requirements.

2. Type and size of the plot

Do you have a specific design in your mind? What type of house are you looking forward to playing a major role in your investment? Is it an independent house, building apartments, villa or a bungalow? It is important to converse with your realtor in order to derive the right size of the plot to suffix all your needs within the plot size.

In such cases, investing in prominent gated communities will meet all your requirements and the local amenities you look forward to for a luscious life. It is one of the major amenities to expect while buying plots in Bengaluru.

3. Background check of the price trends

If you are working with individual dealers, it becomes imperative to conduct a comprehensive background investigation in the area to find the average price paid for investment plots of comparable size and type. After the verification, you can quote a price for the dealers to discuss and negotiate.

However, suppose you choose to invest in gated communities created by well-known real estate developers. In that case, you may totally skip this step of conducting thorough background research on the local real estate market’s price trends and even the negotiation stage. Real estate developers have a very straightforward, uniform price policy for all of our plots, ensuring that it is the most reasonable purchase you can ever make in any given region. You can assert that your investment will yield a good return on your investment soon.

4. Amenities within limits

Today, however, the need for amenities goes beyond merely those related to healthcare, education, and utility facilities. To live an extended and healthy life, it is vital to frequently have access to a walk-around park, children’s play area, sports facilities, swimming pools, party halls, a mini cinema theater, and other amenities. These are now the essential amenities to expect while buying plots in Bengaluru. In a gated community, all these amenities are available within the township. Why would you wander around the city when you have access to all the amenities within your society? It is the main justification for why buyers like investing in gated communities built by reputable real estate developers.

5. Seller Verification

To determine the builder’s authenticity, cross-verifying the seller is crucial. It’s crucial to double-check that the investment property you’re considering isn’t embroiled in litigation or any other contentious matters. Dealing with reputable builders is essential to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. As aforementioned, dealing with well-known real estate developers will help you prevent these kinds of heinous crimes. Dealing with developers who provide end-to-end guidance and handle property transactions, simplifies the entire process.

6. Government approvals

Another crucial amenity is checking whether the property has received approval from the local governing bodies and the Bengaluru development authority. It is advised to consult a lawyer to ensure that all the documents are legitimate and free from criminal activity. However, if you work with well-established real estate agents, all of the investment plots are government-approved, so you can avoid taking all these efforts. To prevent any type of hindrance during the process for investors, the agents follow every procedure and document from beginning to end with every mandated official.

7. Neighborhood development plans

If investing in any plots for long-term investment, you should research the upcoming neighborhood development plans. Understand, analyze and forecast the ROI of the property in the next five, ten and fifteen years down the lane. Suppose you invest in a locality with proposed development plans for airports, educational institutes, shopping malls and metro stations. In that case, it will definitely shoot up the ROI by increasing the property’s appreciation value. It is one of the main amenities to expect while buying plots in Bengaluru.

In addition, discuss with your family and friends the essential amenities you need close to where you live, in order to maintain a healthy and fulfilling life.


These are the 7 essential amenities to expect while buying plots in Bengaluru. To get the best of the available amenities and investment plots in the market, you can contact G Square for the best locations in Bengaluru. We are South India’s largest and Tamil Nadu’s No. 1 real estate developer that has already helped thousands of investors buy their desired properties. Many big corporations and industrialists rely on us for their investment plots. You also can! Set your foot on the investment plots within the gated community in Bengaluru. For more details, contact us through our website.