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9 Exclusive Amenities You Will Get When You Buy Plot from G Square

September 20, 2022

Investing in land is a huge decision and a fruitful one as well. Land is a valuable asset and a type of real estate that is high in demand. Thanks to the growth in the corporate, IT, automobile, and other industrial sectors, there are more job opportunities and more migration of talent from one city to another. This has increased the demand for real estate, especially land, in top-tier cities with more job opportunities. This demand is predominantly for commercial and residential real estate as a result of businesses increasing their workforce as well as opening up new offices and industrial units. The demand for residential real estate results from more employees moving cities to take up these jobs.

If you are looking to invest in real estate, investing in land is a great option for the many benefits it comes bearing:

  • High appreciation value
  • Fast-moving asset
  • Always in-demand
  • Low initial cost of investment
  • Flexible asset, and more.

When you have decided to buy plots, you must ensure that you rope in a land developer, also known as a real estate developer, in the process. The land market involves high risks of fraud, especially when you buy from unregistered individual sellers. Land developers help you find the best plot to invest in and, in most cases, at a competitive price.

G Square is South India’s largest and Tamil Nadu’s no. 1 real estate developer with over 10 years of experience guiding several corporates, industrialists, and individuals alike, in purchasing the land of their choice in the right place at competitive prices. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of buying land with a land developer and the amenities at G Square. Keep reading!

Why Should You Buy Land With A Land Developer?
A land developer (also called a real estate developer) is an organisation that is responsible for procuring lands and developing them for sale. They also take care of the maintenance of these lands until they are sold and sometimes even after their sales. Land developers also provide you with guidance throughout the land buying process. Therefore, if you work with a land developer while purchasing plots, you will be able to find the best parcel of land to invest in.

Working with a land developer can be extremely beneficial when it comes to buying land. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Land developers have extensive knowledge of the local market. This means they can help you find the perfect piece of property for your needs and budget.
  2. They have a network of trusted professionals, from real estate agents to lenders. This can make the buying process much smoother and less stressful.
  3. Real estate developers also have access to properties that aren’t yet on the market. This means you could get a great deal on your dream piece of land.
  4. Working with a land developer can help take some guesswork out of the equation. They can help you navigate the often complex process of purchasing land.

These are a few reasons you must consider investing in land with a land developer.

If you’re thinking about buying land, be sure to work with a reputable land developer. Doing so can save you time, money, and a lot of stress. G Square is one of the best real estate developers in South India. Having handled projects across top-tier cities, including Chennai, Coimbatore, Hosur, Trichy, and more, they have the expertise to help you find the best land that meets your personal and investment needs.

Let’s take a look at the amenities at G Square in the coming section of the blog.

9 Exclusive Amenities At G Square
G Square, headquartered in Chennai, is south India’s largest and Tamil Nadu’s no. 1 real estate developer. We are well-experienced in guiding individuals, established corporates and industrialists in narrowing down on the right plot and investing in them at the right time and at competitive prices.

With a presence predominantly in cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, and Hosur, we offer end-to-end guidance on buying plots, including help with registration and after-sales services. Our process is transparent and straightforward, with perfect documentation for the plots and seamless registration.

The following are the amenities at G Square if you invest in a plot with us!

  1. Prime locations
    All our plots are located in prime locations in and around the city. This opens up access to a lot of amenities at G Square. Buying a plot in a centrally located area will improve its value, which is why you must buy plots with us. We sell both commercial and residential plots, all of which are in prime commercial and residential areas, with proximity to local amenities. G Square is your go-to place if you want to buy the right land at the right location across south India.
  1. Variety of lands
    At G Square, we sell a variety of lands. We have got them all from commercial plots to residential and gated community lands. We even have beach-facing plots and villa plots that offer an exciting and stepped-up lifestyle. You can choose from our wide range of plots. If you are buying plots for investment purposes, you can go for our commercial plots. You can invest in our residential and gated community plots if you want to build a home in the city’s heart and other prime locations. You can buy our beach-facing plots if you want a calm life by the beach. Lastly, you can consider buying our villa plots if you want to develop them into a farmhouse or a holiday home. The wide variety of plots is definitely one of the most noteworthy amenities at G Square.
  1. Competitive prices
    Our pricing stands unmatched by any other land or real estate developer. Plots at G Square come with standard pricing, and the pricing process is straightforward. If you invest in land with independent plot sellers and land owners, chances are high that they might quote a higher price for the land. You might lose out on your negotiation window and end up paying a higher price for the land. Investing in plots of your choice with us at G Square will help you find the right plot at the right price; you will not have the necessity to negotiate at all.
  1. End-to-end guidance
    Going with a real estate developer like G Square will eliminate the necessity of approaching a real estate agent. We take care of your plot purchasing process end-to-end. From giving you a brief about how the process works, understanding your requirements, budget, and investment goals to helping you land the right plots in the right location, we will provide you with 100% pre- and post-the-deal guidance. This is one of the most attractive amenities at G Square.
  1. Perfect legal documentation
    Transparency in the land buying process is very important and, at the same time, very low when it comes to buying from independent and individual sellers. This is one of the reasons you should buy land from G Square. When you invest in land with us, you will have access to all the documents related to the land you are investing in. Our process is very straightforward, and we will be open with you through every step.
  1. 5 years of free maintenance
    Agreed land does not involve much maintenance compared to developed properties. However, plots do need to be taken care of when not in use. You will receive excellent post-sales services when you buy a plot with G Square. We provide 5 years’ worth of free land maintenance. If you buy land and don’t plan on using it immediately, we will take over the maintenance for you. This is one of the most sought-after amenities at G Square.
  1. Ready-to-construct plots
    One of the most important things you must take into consideration while buying plots is the ‘buildability’ of the land. At G Square, we test every parcel of land we put up for sale for its buildability and ensure we only sell land that is suitable for development. We take up soil testing and check how strong the soil is to hold a building while also testing the general quality of the soil and the water. This makes plots at G Square ready to construct. All you have to do is buy and build!
  1. 24×7 CCTV surveillance
    Security is of utmost importance when it comes to investing in land and letting it be till construction beings. It is easy for ragpickers and wanderers to take advantage of the land. Therefore, we give prime importance to the land’s security. All plots developed and sold by G Square are under 24×7 CCTV surveillance. You need not worry about the safety of your plot after investment. We have got it covered!
  2. Well-laid black top internal roads and other essential amenities
    The plots sold at G Square are organised into communities. We always have internal blacktop roads that neatly separate the plots from one another, giving them a definite shape. In addition to this, the localities our plots are housed in have all essential amenities, including an uninterrupted supply of electricity, water, and more.

These are a few amenities at G Square that make investing with us totally worth it.

If you are looking for plots in prime areas of South India, including Chennai, Hosur, Coimbatore, and Trichy, get in touch with us through our website. Whether you want to invest in commercial or residential, we have plots for everyone and will help you find the best plot for you.