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Top 5 Reasons for Buying a Plot in Chennai

March 3, 2023

Chennai, the capital of Tamilnadu, is home to some of the most popular tourist destinations such as Marina Beach, Thousand Lights Mosque, Valluvar Kottam, etc. Situated on the Bay of Bengal in the southeastern part of India, Chennai is also known for its vibrant & inclusive culture, various forms of arts, dance, food, antiquated temples, and natural beauty. Due to this fame, the city continues to attract a large number of tourists which has become one of the significant employment-generating industries. Moreover, because of its technological and automobile prominence, the city is also home to world-renowned startups like NetMeds, BankBazaar, Zoho, and Sulekha.

Employment-generating avenues and better economic opportunities could be some of the major reasons that investors consider before buying a plot in Chennai. There are some more significant reasons that you must consider before checking out residential plots in Chennai.

1.  Better Connectivity

This is the first and foremost requirement that any rational investor or buyer would consider before buying a plot in Chennai. For starters, the place is well-connected not just to every other major town and port in the state but also to the rest of India and even international cities via air and water routes. The robust urban infrastructure interlinks inner parts of the city via inter-state highways, buses, local rails, and the city metro. Less road traffic & congestion across the city enables the smooth transportation of goods and services which further help in sustaining several small & medium scale businesses.

2.  Better Education & Employment Opportunities

The second-most important requirement for any investor or buyer before buying a plot in Chennai is the presence of educational & employment avenues. That becomes the foremost necessity when you have kids.

There are various well-equipped medical, engineering, arts and commerce colleges and research institutes that are evenly spread across the city. After getting a better education, another important need for your kids or you for that matter is to get a better job. With employment-generating IT hubs, tech parks in areas such as R.A. Puram and Mylapore and well-known companies like BMW, Tata, and Hyundai have set up their car manufacturing base in the city. There are immense employment opportunities for you and your kids.

There are some of the best places in Chennai that comprise great residential plots that’ll make the perfect home in an ultimate location.

3.  Adequate Healthcare Facilities

Another significant factor that you consider when you look for buying a plot in Chennai  is the presence of adequate and well-equipped hospitals within the proximity of your property. Hospitals in Chennai are well-equipped with world-class facilities and well-trained & renowned doctors in their respective fields. Some of them include Apollo Hospital, Billroth Hospital, C.S.I Kalyani Hospital, Dr Mehtas Hospital, Fortis Malar Hospital, etc.

These hospitals are well within the distance of all the residential projects that include residential plots in Chennai. They are also comprised of the most affordable and cutting-edge healthcare facilities in the world.

Buying a plot in Chennai that is well within the vicinity of good hospitals is a must when you have elders and kids in your family.

4.  Serene & Multicultural Life

The city is blessed with a moderate climate, natural wonders and decent green cover. Because of this investors and buyers who want to live in a calm and peaceful area prefer buying a plot in Chennai. Better governmental policy-making and execution have helped the city remain clean, green and safe to live in. With stable law & order situation, the city is one of the safest cities to live in India.

Moreover, people are warm, helpful, and friendly. The amalgamation of various cultures from different parts of the country makes a vibrant and inclusive city that celebrates every festival with immense vivacity and joy.

So, every day is going to be a festival & celebration for you, if you are investing in residential plots in OMR, Chennai.

5.  Affordability

Last but the most important reason that an investor or buyer considers before buying a plot in Chennai is the cost of the property. It is less expensive to buy a flat or plot in Chennai. Moreover, the cost of living is lower than other major metropolitan cities in the country, because of this reason Chennai is ranked as the second best metropolitan city as per the study of India’s Ease of Living Index released by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs in 2018.

This makes it the most desirable for someone buying a plot in Chennai.


G Square has various options to invest in residential plots in Chennai. Our projects include residential plots in the best places in Chennai such as Injambakkam, Neelankarai, Thirunmiyar, ECR, Karapakkam, and many others. All of these plots in Chennai are situated in well-established industrial neighbourhoods with all the prominent facilities stated above. And soon these places are going to get sold out because of their prime location and better pricing.

We can’t stress it enough that buying a plot in Chennai is the best investment decision that you’ll make. So, if you want to start a family and want to give them the best facilities and surroundings, then you should definitely think about investing in the right kind of property in the best plots in Chennai. A plot on which you can build your dream house and give you and your loved ones the best standard of living. If you’re still unsure which type of plots in Chennai could be the best investment for you? You are welcome to schedule a call with our experienced dealers and brokers or you can visit G Square housing.