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Coimbatore – NRIs new, smart choice of profitable investment

September 23, 2021 | Coimbatore

Indian Real Estate Market 

Wherever you are, your heart is always here.  A globetrotter, you have seen, lived and enjoyed the best the world has to offer but your heart is always rooted here.  You have always wanted to invest in a home in your homeland as an asset for the future. There is no better time!

After a tough 2020, the world is gradually opening up, economies are being revived and life is adjusting to the new normal. After an initial lull, the real estate market is also slowly gathering momentum.  This is the perfect time for you to invest in India’s real sector before prices soar.

Tier 2 cities – the future of real estate investment

Most NRIs look for a property in India mainly for investment purpose, others for retirement living. Either way, India is a great market to invest, especially South India that has a well-developed social & corporate infrastructure, economic stability and quality housing at affordable prices.  Apart from the Metro cities, it’s the Tier-2 cities that are catching the attention of the prudent NRI investor. Cities like Coimbatore with its flourishing industries and rapid growth are turning to be a profitable investment option for the NRIs.

Coimbatore Calling! 

Famously known as the “Manchester of South India”, Coimbatore is one of Tamil Nadu’s most important cities. Known for its textiles, Coimbatore has always been an enterprising city that’s always buzzing and alive. Many top IT and tech companies and industries like grinder manufacturing, jewellery, besides home grown textile mills have carved a glorious name around the world. Over the recent years Coimbatore has emerged as a preferred investment destination among NRIs for various reasons.

The IT Factor 

After Chennai, Coimbatore is home to some of the biggest names in the IT Industry like Cognizant, TCS, Wipro, HCL and more. Tech giants like Amazon, Bosch, Ericsson and many others have a strong presence in Coimbatore. Bosch has the second largest development center in Coimbatore outside Germany with 5500+ employees in the city.The very fact that these IT bigwigs have chosen Coimbatore shows how promising the economy of Coimbatore is.

Educational hub 

Coimbatore is the seat of high quality education in Tamil Nadu.  Some of the finest institutions in the country like the PSG College of Technology, Amirtha University etc, are based in Coimbatore.  Students from across India come to Coimbatore to pursue higher education that’s on par with the best in the world. Coimbatore has strongly cemented its position as a hub of learning which makes it even more attractive as an investment destination.

Why invest in Coimbatore?

Coimbatore has always been on top of the list of many smart investors who want to build wealth and secure a strong financial future. Some of the top reasons why NRIs choose Coimbatore as their Numero Uno Investment choice are:

  • A flourishing economy
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Prosperous real estate market with high growth potential
  • Comparatively low prices
  • Great appreciation and high rental income
  • Extremely pleasant climatic conditions
  • Strategically located closer to hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal
  • Ample employment opportunities, thanks to the presence of several industries
  • High standards of living at low cost
  • Metropolitan in nature minus the crowd and the pollution
  • The preferred choice for retirement living

The Future 

As a smart city, Coimbatore is on the fast track development with several new developmental projects lined up for the future that makes it even more attractive as an investment destination. It’s the best time now to invest in Coimbatore before the real estate prices go through the roof. The IT sector here is witnessing super-fast growth which will propel the economy further and industries will prosper. This in turn will give a boost for the real estate sector and result in a demand for high quality living at affordable prices.  Better transparency in the real estate sector and investment guidelines have made investing easier for NRIs.

Seize this opportunity to invest your hard earned money in villa plots in Coimbatore for amazing returns. Whether as an investment for the future or a city you choose to live when you come back to your home country, Coimbatore is an ideal choice.

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