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How to choose the best residential plots in Coimbatore?

November 8, 2022

Why is Coimbatore an ideal investment location?

Coimbatore is known as the Manchester of India for its rapid industrialization. This city is also referred to as the textile capital of India for its flourishing textile industry. They have a strong presence in highly developed sectors in this region. It is one of the best locations for providing immense job opportunities for IT hubs and small, large and medium-sized textile enterprises. To name a few mills, Premier Mills, Lakshmi Mills, Shiva Tex yarn, and Varadharaj textile mills have a strong presence in the market. Amongst IT companies, we have MNC and Indian IT companies like Bosch, Cognizant, Wipro, and TCS in IT Parks like Tidel IT park, KCT IT park, SEZ-ELCOT, etc. keeping these job opportunities in mind, many people are migrating to Coimbatore.

Apart from the flourishing presence of the IT and textile industry in Coimbatore, we also have many other sectors, including the automobile, food, and retail industries. Owing to all these markets, it has become the real estate hotspot for investments.

1. Luxurious standard of living at an economical price

Coimbatore has been witnessing a major growth spurt for many years resulting in a well-connected public transportation system for hassle-free travel. You have all the amenities available within the city for entertainment, shopping, education, healthcare and financial services. An added advantage of residing in Coimbatore is that this city is surrounded by many hill stations like Ooty, Kodaikanal, and Coorg, as an amazing weekend spot to travel during leisure time.

All of this comes at a very economical price compared to the cost of living in metropolitan cities. Coimbatore is among the top 20 Smart cities of India and south India’s prestigious industrial hub as well. These reasons are fair enough for anyone to invest in the best residential plots in Coimbatore.

How to choose the best residential plots in Coimbatore?

You can invest in the best residential plots in Coimbatore for either personal use or for investing today for a good ROI. Whatever the reason may be, one needs to perform extensive research in the market to come down to one particular location for the best ROI and a healthy living environment. Here are some key pointers to remember on choosing the best residential plots in Coimbatore.

1. The locality of the plot

The location of the land within the city plays an important role in determining the quality & tranquility of life you will experience. Investing in a plot outside the city might be tempting because of its affordability. But one must ensure that the plot is well-connected to the city and the facilities required daily.

Unless there are some ongoing or proposed development plans around the plot you decide, the plot will not yield good ROI. Therefore, investing in prime locations surrounded by all basic amenities is important for good ROI and high quality of life. You can consult a real estate agent or developer for the best input on an appropriate location in the city. Once an appropriate location is designated, you can start your hunt on the plot for sale in Coimbatore.

2. Amenities around the plot

One cannot utilize a plot unless amenities for easy survival surround the plot. No matter the reason for investment, having amenities around makes it easy for you to rent the property or move in for personal use too. Having entertainment amenities like theater, shopping malls, gaming centers, and sports facilities is like icing on the cake for the residential plot you invest in. while you check out any plot for sale in Coimbatore, also perform extensive research for amenities around for growth potential.

3. Price of the plot

Investment amount plays another important role in real estate investment. It is important to consider the price of the residential plot you invest in. Once you decide on a particular location from the plots for sale in Coimbatore, you should conduct extensive research on the trending price in the neighborhood to ensure you are investing the right amount into the market. Consider around 3-4 the same size and type of land within the locality to commute the appropriate price range of the plots in the area. If you are a spectacle in it, you can always talk to up-to-date real estate developers on the trends and pricing in the real estate industry.

4. Infrastructure around the plot

Coimbatore boasts excellent infrastructure and civic amenities, making life much easier for its residents. You should ensure you are well-surrounded by the best facilities like healthcare, financial services, educational institutions, groceries and supermarkets to meet all your daily requirements.

Coimbatore is home to many world-class healthcare facilities like KG Hospital, Kovai Medical center, etc. Overall you can look for a modern lifestyle infrastructure at a very economical and affordable price. Entertainment facilities like shopping malls, theaters and gaming zones are also a major cue nowadays. Make sure to look for good infrastructure around the plots for sale in Coimbatore.

5. Connectivity

You should ensure the residential plot you look for is well-connected to the rest of the city. Although a major part of the city is well-connected with public transportation, you should ensure that you are not investing in rural areas such that it affects the connectivity with the rest of the city. To completely eradicate the issue, you can always invest in gated communities that provide the best residential plots in Coimbatore for the best infrastructure, 100% connectivity and unlimited amenities within the society.

So, this is how to choose the best residential plots in Coimbatore. Follow these tips to land on the best residential plots in Coimbatore that yield good ROI.


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