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The most affordable plots in Coimbatore with high ROI

November 19, 2022 | Coimbatore

Why is Coimbatore a hotspot for real estate investments?

As a testament to being the tier-II city in India with the quickest growth, Coimbatore is referred to as the Manchester of India. This location is the ideal fusion of global living with cultural heritage. According to various factors, Coimbatore’s smart city has a lot of growth potential in the years to come. Coimbatore is the ideal location for advancement in education, business, employment, and other areas of one’s life.

1. Educational Hub

Numerous prestigious schools, colleges, and institutions in Coimbatore have inspired students to pursue rewarding careers in various sectors.

2. Job & Business Opportunity

Coimbatore is home to small, medium, and big businesses in various sectors, including the textile, automotive, and information technology industries, providing various job opportunities and prospects for professional development.

3. Tranquil Quality Of Life

Coimbatore has a relatively steady pace of life and a well-balanced blend of tradition and modern customs. In Coimbatore, you may find everything from entertainment to fine dining, a well-kept urban environment to good transportation.

4. Future development plans

The real estate market is certain to soar in the next few years, especially in light of Coimbatore’s future development plans, which include the extension of the international airport, the integrated bus terminus at Vellalore, the Defense Industrial Park, and the Bypass road project. It is the proper time to invest in affordable plots in Coimbatore.

The most affordable plots in Coimbatore with high ROI

Coimbatore offers you a wide range of real estate investment opportunities under your budget. Yes, you heard it right!!! Here are the most affordable plots in Coimbatore with high ROI to invest in.

1. Avinashi

Avinashi has some great gated community developments under construction that redefine the tranquility of the neighborhood. Adopt a relaxed, quiet lifestyle while avoiding the commotion of the busy surrounding. Make the decision to reside in a gated community that encourages an opulent lifestyle with a variety of amenities and under 24-hour camera surveillance. The nearest bus stops, hotels, and hospitals are conveniently located in this area. Plots are available in this neighborhood, with investments starting at approximately Rs. 30 lakh. You can definitely build your dream home here.

2. Chinnavedampatti

Chinnavedampatti is surrounded by many social attractions, modernized facilities and important landmarks very close to the locality. The Coimbatore public school is centrally located in the area. Several investment options are available in this locality, with gated community residential affordable plots in Coimbatore from 36 lakhs onwards.

3. L&T Bypass

Coimbatore L & T Bypass is the hotspot for affordable plots in Coimbatore. With gated community residential plots available in Coimbatore for as little as 36 lakhs and located at the road directly intersecting two cities with strong growth potential, this area is currently a hotspot for investment. The ROI is bound to bounce high once the proposed development plans are completed, sternly expanding the IT infrastructure around it.

4. Othakalmandapam

On the outskirts of Coimbatore is Othakalmandapam, also referred to as O.K. mandapam or OKM. The corporation of Coimbatore also manages this location, which has been upgraded in line with development objectives. Several real estate developers set up residential and commercial projects in response to the growth, hoping to ease the chaos between the migrants and the locals. Affordable plots in Coimbatore at this specific location start at an investment of 30 lakh.

5. Sulur

This location has solid plans for commercial development, with numerous schools, colleges, and top-notch amenities nearby. You can choose to invest in this neighborhood and receive a good return on your investment. The area is a breath of fresh air for the residents to live a luxurious, healthy, close-to-nature lifestyle with all the essential amenities nearby. Many plots are available in this area for only 26 lakh and up. It is by far the best option among all the affordable plots in Coimbatore.

6. Nallampalayam

Nallampalayam is a developed neighborhood with a number of schools, colleges, temples, and medical facilities nearby. This location offers spacious living accommodations for establishing a healthy lifestyle and various outdoor activities. Residential plots with gated communities are offered here starting at Rs. 43.5 lakh.

7. T.V.S. Nagar

After L & T Bypass, T.V.S. Nagar is one of Coimbatore’s burgeoning neighborhoods. This area connects to nearby train stations and other significant entertainment venues. Additionally, this area is only fairly distant from the airport. Along with other educational institutions, this location is surrounded by the Vel International School, Amrita Hotel Management, and more. All the basic amenities are conveniently located in the area. The residential plots in gated communities can be purchased for as little as 57 lakh. Due to the facilities already in place and the upcoming improvements, the price of plots has increased more than that of the surrounding area.

So, these were some of the most affordable plots in Coimbatore with high ROI potential. You can plunge higher by investing in a gated community to bring the change you always wanted to adapt to a luxurious, state-art-of-life-infrastructure life.


If you plan to invest in affordable plots in Coimbatore, now is the time to invest. The rapid growth in Coimbatore in upcoming years will raise the real estate land price by many folds. So, invest today to unfold your way to highly profitable ROI in the coming future. G Square is south India’s largest and Tamil Nadu’s No. 1 real estate developer.

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