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Tips to get a low-budget plot in Chennai

November 28, 2022

Chennai is an ideal investment location

One of the best metropolitan areas in the world, Chennai offers top-notch amenities and world-class facilities. Chennai has top-notch amenities to support you in every way, from beaches to temples, shopping centers to libraries, entertainment venues to fine dining restaurants, and job opportunities to business setup. It also has a perfect cultural heritage and excellent infrastructure.

Investing in the central real estate market in Chennai can be very expensive as the prominent localities of the city are highly occupied with fewer investment options. Nevertheless, numerous growth initiatives in and around Chennai are creating a wide range of brand-new real estate plot investment opportunities across the city. Here are some suggestions for purchasing a low-budget plot in Chennai.

Tips to get a low-budget plot in Chennai

You shouldn’t give up if you don’t have a substantial budget. You can maximize your investment’s return by making a small investment at the appropriate time and place. So, here are some tips to get a low-budget plot in Chennai.

  • List the localities you plan to target in Chennai’s outskirts.
  • Make a thorough investigation of the development plans for these Chennai neighborhoods.
  • Look around those areas for any available investment plots.
  • Examine the development proposals for the nearby investment properties.
  • Look for all necessary infrastructure, amenities, and domestic specialities that can lead to an increase in the ROI of the plot in upcoming years.
  • The investment cost for these areas will be reasonable because the surrounding areas are not yet fully developed.
  • For more information, speak with a realtor or real estate agent and cross-check the plot and locality’s ROI growth rate.

Once you shortlist any particular location for investing in a plot in Chennai, one needs to follow these simple tips to get a low-budget plot in Chennai –

  • Check the type of land, soil, water levels, hardness, electricity availability and drainage connectivity within the area.
  • Perform a thorough research on the land size, FSI, the seller’s identity, and the documents’ verification.
  • Cross-check the documents of the plots to avoid any fraudulent or encroachment issues.
  • Research the locality for growth development plans and the approximate current price trends within the locality to avoid overpaying for the plot.

Outskirts areas with a low-budget plot in Chennai

1. Arakkonam

Arakkonam, which is very close to Chennai, intends to quickly transform into an industrial estate zone with numerous industrial estate projects under construction. Due to the area’s ongoing development plans, the investment plot price aligns with the demand for low-budget plots in Chennai that start at just Rs. 6 lakh. Once the development plans are up and fully functioning, the plot price will bounce high in the future.

2. Kovalam

Kovalam is a popular tourist destination on the outskirts of Chennai known for its pristine, serene beaches, fishing, and exotic resorts. There are a lot more development plans in the works to make this place even more exciting for visitors because it already draws in a lot of tourists. As a result, the plot price falls under the umbrella of low-budget plots in Chennai with strong ROI growth potential. Plots in gated communities can be purchased for as little as Rs. 21 lakh.

3. Sriperumbudur

There are numerous IT companies, manufacturing enterprises, and the automobile industry in Sriperumbudur. A new international airport being built here is currently being considered. Along with it, several businesses are also thinking about expanding here. Sriperumbudur has strong growth potential despite being an outlying area, increasing the return on investment for any investment made in plots here. The current investment plots are available at the starting price of Rs.22 lakh onwards.

4. Singaperumal Koil

The Grand trunk road connecting Chennai and Chengalpattu is where Singaperumal Koil is situated. This region is well-known for the Narsimha temple and is close to almost seven other places in Chennai. The number of residential plots in this area is increasing, so now is the time to invest in getting a good return on your money. The starting point for investing in low-budget plots in Chennai is roughly Rs 13 lakhs and up.

5. Padur

The OMR Old Mahabalipuram Road, also known as the Chennai IT Expressway, is not far from Padur. Due to its convenient access to SIPCOT siruseri and proximity to IT hubs. All the essential amenities, including schools, colleges, shopping centers, supermarkets, and entertainment venues, are conveniently located in this area. People looking for low-budget plots in Chennai may want to consider investing now because Padur is poised to become a highly developed neighborhood in the coming years. For gated community plots in the township with a range of amenities and facilities, the going rate starts at Rs. 35 lakhs.


Finding low-budget plots in Chennai is not an impossible task. The above listed are some of the highly progressive localities with great potential for ROI in the upcoming future. The research just does not end here! Collaborate with well-known real estate developers like G Square to kickstart your investment process and successfully invest in the best investment location in Chennai under your budget. We are south India’s most prominent and Tamil Nadu’s No. 1 real estate developers. Many people currently live in their optimum homes, and you can too! Contact us via our website for more information on the available plots.