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5 Tips for Investing in the Best Place to Buy Plots in Chennai  

March 31, 2023

People save up and then invest in various promising avenues of the real estate market. So, real estate is one sector where saving and investing are intrinsically linked when buying a plot of land. Unsurprisingly, the sector received more than $ 2 Billion worth of investment in the last quarter alone. The demand for real estate is expected to grow exponentially as industrialization happens and more people move to urban areas. So, metropolitan cities like Chennai are at the forefront of rapid industrialization and urbanization. Over the years, Chennai has become an attractive investment option for real estate investors & homeowners like you. More specifically, there has been much more interest in investing in the best place to buy plots in Chennai. 

But sometimes, it can be challenging for you to know the suitable investment options. Here are some insightful tips for making a sound and yielding investment. 

1. Do a Thorough Research

 Before investing in things like businesses or your meals, you do solid research to ensure everything is alright. You need to know about the location, transportation, landscapes, water, electricity, drainage, and local jurisdiction & regulations associated with the plots. You should also learn about upcoming residential or industrial projects in the surrounding area.  

For example, in the case of Chennai, the residential plots in OMR, Siruseri OMR, Thaiyur, and Radial Road have garnered enough attention.  

2. Check the Quality of Land

By the quality of land, we mean that you need to assess the condition of the land. Factors like topography, drainage, it’s gated community plots, vaastu, and environmental concerns must be considered. And another significant factor is the approval by local regulatory authorities like CMDA (Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority) or Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP). Doing these quality checks would ensure that the plot you’re investing in isn’t shady, built on an industrial dump site or a landfill.  Projects involving residential plots in OMR, and residential plots in ECR are already some of the well-known CDMA and DTPC-approved investment locations.  

3. Choose Only Certified Residential Projects

Before investing in the best place to buy plots in Chennai, you must ensure you’re buying a property sold by a regulated and certified residential developer. Sometimes, these real estate projects may or may not be advertised heavily, but they all must be CDMA, DTPC-approved projects. These projects involve residential plots in OMR, and residential plots in ECR, which are already well-known among investors and end-buyers alike. 

4. Select the Financing Option 

It goes without saying that investing in the best place to buy plots in Chennai is a significant commitment. Thus, opting for financing options that suit your long-term or short-term goals is crucial. This may include traditional loans, owner financing, or private lenders. If the residential project is well-known and certified, financing is of very minimal concern. They provide financing options or connect us with banks willing to finance the investment. 

5. Have a Definite Goal

Some people invest in the best place to buy plots in Chennai without creating adequate provisions for other needs. At last, they gain significantly less or nothing at all. So, for you to capitalize the most on the property, it’s a must for you to have a plan regarding the same. Generally, investing in residential plots in OMR and ECR regions should be a long-term investment. Though the prices of the real estate market in Chennai are ballooning, it’s so at a prolonged rate. So, prioritize accordingly. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, use these tips to invest in the plot that’ll be a perfect nesting place for you and your loved ones. We know investing is not easy, especially when starting from scratch. But It can be a rewarding field if done with calculated risks and advantages. Anyways, one thing is clear investing in the best place to buy plots in Chennai is far better than investing in bitcoin. 

We hope these tips will help you find the best plots in Chennai. Though our real estate experts and developers advise these tips, for more details you can visit G Square housing.