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The best areas in Chennai to buy plots for a gated community

November 14, 2022

Why choose gated communities over apartments?

With the surge in demand for gated communities within the city, apartments are quickly becoming outdated. Many developers attempt to provide all the amenities in gated communities as a quick reaction to the demand. Nowadays, more people participate in extracurricular activities like athletics, music, dancing, and many other hobbies. In order to establish a defined schedule for their lives, people desire access to such services close by. People now want to live in gated communities with opulent homes and royal facilities.

The lack of all these amenities in apartment complexes has led to a rapid shift toward gated communities in real estate planning trends.

Gated communities provide a sense of security with 24*7 surveillance, multiple utilities of space, maintenance of the township, and amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools, play areas for children, walking parks, party halls, and mini theatres, all located within the community township. So, let’s get started on the best areas in Chennai to buy ploys for a gated community.

Best areas in Chennai to buy plots for gated communities

Since Chennai city is fast expanding its horizon, several gated community plots are currently available for investments on the outskirts and within the city. Buying residential plots gives you complete freedom to structure your dream house from scratch. Based on your location and workplace, you can always choose the convenient location of your choice anywhere in the city. Here are some of the best areas in Chennai to buy plots for a gated community.

1. ECR

ECR (east coast road) is located exactly parallel to the beach. It is the place to be if you are hunting for a residential plot closer to the beach and want a peaceful, tranquil life. The ECR is a long stretch covering various areas. The best part is several ongoing gated community projects in these localities, including Kovalam, Uthandi, Injambakkam, Neelankarai and Thiruvanmiyur. You can invest in whichever location best suits your work location and the budget for your investment.

2. OMR

OMR is a long parallel highway to ECR filled in with numerous IT companies such as TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Amazon, Paypal, Sutherland and many more. It is a great opportunity to invest in a residential plot very close to your workplace if you are an IT employee. Since this place is swarming with IT companies and employees, the entertainment sector is also fully- fledged with shopping malls and restaurants. These are the best areas in Chennai to buy plots for a gated community to grab access to all the luxury at an affordable price with all facilities around. Currently, you have ongoing gated community projects in OMR at Siruseri, Thoraipakkam, Padur, Perungudi, Navalur, Sholinganallur, Karapakkam and Perumbakkam. You can contact a real estate developer for in-depth information on the best residential plot based on your requirements.

3. Poonamallee

Poonamalle is home to several well-known hospitals, start-up businesses, financial institutions, schools, colleges, malls, supermarkets, and other establishments. For residents of Chennai, moving to this neighborhood within a gated community with first-rate amenities nearby is a dream come true. The neighborhood provides complete access to the rest of the city through buses, local trains, and metro stations. The township has gated community projects with 5 years of maintenance-free service and more than 40 amenities. Dealing with real estate developers can greatly simplify and smooth the transition of your investing process.

4. Madhavaram

Madhavaram is a recently developed neighborhood in Chennai that boasts incredible infrastructure development, making it a prime location for real estate investment. Since the area’s layout has been changing these years, numerous developers have started offering some incredible residential plots for investment. The location is accessible to airports and train terminals. A metro system for the area is also being examined for construction. Given the future development plans for the Madhavaram area, this is the ideal time to invest in residential and commercial plots here. Madhavaram is, without a doubt, one of the best areas in Chennai to buy plots at the moment.

5. Sriperumbudur

The process of transforming Sriperumbudur into a magnet for real estate investment is still progressing. However, if you look at Sriperumbudur’s growth and development goals, you’ll realize why you must consider investing in residential real estate here. A proposed plan by the Tamil Nadu government calls for establishing an airport in the Sriperumbudur locality. There is already a modest IT hub here and several other companies eager to propose the expansion of their presence. The pricing for the residential plots in Sriperumbudur right now is so affordable that no one could ever believe it. It is a fantastic offer for those currently considering investing in this location. The money you invest in Sriperumbudur today will undoubtedly bring in good ROI in the upcoming years.


So these are the best areas in Chennai to buy plots for a gated community. Opt for a luxurious, exuberant and comfortable life in Chennai today. G Square is south India’s largest and Tamil Nadu’s No. 1 real estate developer. Why wander around when you have the best in town? We have some amazing projects in the best areas in Chennai to buy plots for a gated community. Our gated community comes with various amenities at a prime location having all the facilities within close premises. Contact us through our website to explore the various residential options available to invest in.