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The Rise of South-Facing Plots in Tamil Nadu’s Real Estate Market

June 19, 2024

The cardinal directions of the compass—North, East, West, and South—hold significance beyond mere geographical orientation; they form an integral aspect of the ancient architectural science known as Vastu Shastra. People often consult these directions before buying or constructing a home. While the north and east-facing homes and land plots are considered to be the most auspicious and preferred, it’s the often overlooked south-facing plots that are carving out their own niche, offering unique benefits that discerning buyers are starting to recognize.

A recent data release by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recorded a rise in house prices during the latest quarter in different cities of the country. Unsurprisingly, Chennai witnessed the highest growing market in the Housing Price Index and was at the top of the list with an 8.41% year-on-year increase in Q32024. However, it is Coimbatore that is considered to be the prospect for attractive real estate investment within the state, with a 5% increase in housing unit sales, soaring high price appreciation in the previous year’s quarter, and a 10–15% overall market activity increase projected in the current year. These numbers clearly point to the fact that the Tamil Nadu real estate market is projected to be one of the country’s top real estate markets with skyrocketing growth.

However, amidst all this busy residential real estate market activity, people are still conscious about preferred-facing plots, but what is unknown to them is that these plots come at the expense of missing out on great purchase deals. While most buyers stick to the traditional hierarchy of plot preferences, the north and east-facing plots due to cultural and architectural considerations, the savvy buyer today is beginning to appreciate the advantages of south-facing plots.

South-facing plots, beyond all the superstitions and myths, can be adapted with post-modern architecture fused with innovative interior design. The newer methods of architecture have in recent times enabled much more efficient methods of housing that can be accommodated in all types of facing. It is now possible to construct an east-facing house on a south-facing plot through modern architecture, eliminating all sorts of space wastage.

Additionally, people often fail to observe the advantages of south-facing plots, which include getting plenty of sunlight throughout the day, which is also believed to be a source of positive energy as per the ancient architectural science. This indirectly helps keep the interiors of the house warm organically, lessening the need for artificial heating systems and further contributing to energy efficiency techniques such as appropriate insulation, shading components, and material selection. One can also strategically place windows and skylights to maximize natural light and ensure optimum ventilation. This natural light and ventilation exposure has also been linked to numerous health benefits, including improved mood, increased productivity, and better sleep quality.

This shift of preference for south-facing plots can be significantly witnessed in the latest stage of real estate evolution, Plotted development projects, where south-facing plots are witnessing an aggressive surge in terms of demand. Buyers are increasingly drawn to the allure of premium amenities provided in such projects, where they usually overlook the facing of the plots.

In terms of resale value, south-facing plots are also proving to be lucrative investments. As their popularity grows and more modern buyers are recognizing their potential, the resale market for south-facing properties is experiencing an upward trend. Savvy investors are capitalizing on this trend, leveraging the inherent advantages of south-facing plots to secure handsome returns on their investments.

In conclusion, while north and east-facing plots may dominate the headlines, south-facing plots are quietly emerging as the hidden gem of Tamil Nadu’s real estate market. With their natural advantages and promising resale potential, south-facing plots are poised to redefine the landscape of real estate investment in all regions. As buyers continue to seek value and quality in their investments, south-facing plots stand tall as a compelling choice for those looking to make their mark in Tamil Nadu’s thriving real estate sector.

Vastu and Plot Considerations

When it comes to plot vastu, south facing land is often subject to misconceptions. However, the principles of plot vastu shastra provide guidelines that can make south facing land favorable. Here are some vastu tips for plot selection that highlight the benefits of south-facing plots:

  1. South facing land vastu principles suggest that the main door placement and interior layout can be adjusted to harness positive energy.
  2. Plot vastu shastra emphasizes the importance of sunlight and ventilation, both of which are abundant in south-facing plots.
  3. For those considering south face plot vastu, aligning key areas like the kitchen and living room according to plot vastu can enhance harmony.
  4. Plot shape vastu plays a crucial role; rectangular and square shapes are considered ideal. Ensuring the plot shape aligns with plot vastu shastra can optimize space and energy flow.(is it aligned south facing)

Moreover, south west corner plot vastu guidelines can be particularly beneficial for specific plot designs.(make this sentence more prominent and attractive).By adhering to plot shape vastu principles, one can create a well-balanced and prosperous living environment.

With more buyers becoming educated about the benefits of south facing land vastu and the adaptability of plot vastu shastra principles, the demand for south-facing plots is expected to rise even further. This newfound appreciation for south-facing plots is likely to influence market trends, making them a valuable investment for the future.