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Which is the right buy? Flat, Villa or Plot?

November 3, 2021 | Chennai

Investing in property is a smart investment idea. Understandably, many might be hesitant to do so due to a lack of sufficient knowledge about the market. It goes without saying that there are several choices available too, so people might be unsure of what choice to make. But, not making a choice could mean missing out and losing good opportunities and the benefits that come with property investment!

So, what’s the right buy, Apartments, Villas, or Plots? Various factors might influence your decision. A smart investor must take into consideration all the possible pros and drawbacks before coming to a conclusion.

Which is the right buy? Flat, Villa or Plot?

If looking at it solely from a cost perspective, apartments tend to be on the lower end in terms of investment, while villas and plots are high-end investments. For this reason, many
choose to purchase apartments instead. They’re good options for people who want to invest without shelling out a large amount.

However, while budget-friendly, apartments don’t promise the same kind of returns on investment that the other two do. When it comes to customization, the space to change something in a flat is not as much as in a villa or plot – with plots providing the most opportunity to customise everything exactly how you wish.

With plots, it can feel almost incomparable. You’re free to construct exactly as you wish, from the number of floors to the number of rooms and so on! You can even modify the place whenever you feel the need. Real estate prices tend to escalate as the years go by so, a plot can be seen as a favourable idea.

It’s worth mentioning though that apartments definitely offer the most variety. As the population in cities continue to increase, more apartment projects are being introduced. Due to this, there are apartments suited to any and every lifestyle. Some are budget-friendly and reasonably sized, while  others are high-end and luxurious. There are high and low-rise apartments, with the number of amenities constantly increasing. Villa communities provide various amenities as well, all at a joint cost, while plotted developments don’t offer this, especially to the extent as seen in flats and villas.

On the other hand, when it is a case of time, plots win- hands down! Generally, even after purchasing a flat or villa, you will have to wait sometimes longer than the promised date to actually get possession. This isn’t the case with a plot. Many plotted developments now offer plots that are immediately ready for construction and save the buyer unnecessary worry!

Villas can be seen as having the benefits of both flats and plots. There is the freedom of living in your own house without the stress of actually having to construct it. However, there may be certain limitations on how much you can modify the villa.

At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference and what’s important to you in a home. Do you want a property that you’re going to live in or a property that is only for investment purposes? It is vital to be mindful of all the factors that might play a role before making a definite decision. Investing in property is no small task! But the real estate industry is enormous, and there will always be a project that is perfect for your and perfectly suited to your requirements, whatever they may be!