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South-facing plot? No worries!

October 27, 2021

Bring in positive energy with these simple Vaastu tips.

Vaastu is nothing but the science of planning and architecture to usher in and channelize positive energy into our lives. It is strongly believed building a home by properly following the Vaastu principles can bring peace, prosperity and joy into the owner’s lives. The principles are based majorly on directions and material used. Ancient Indian philosophers had adequate knowledge about the gravitational field, magnetic field, the position of the earth, velocity of the winds, ultraviolet rays, the intensity and volume of rainfall, etc. which they applied to these Vaastu principles. This helped them construct a home that was strong in science as well as spirituality.

While East and North are considered to work in homeowners’ favor and bring them joy and success, South-facing homes or plots are often neglected and believed to be inauspicious and arouses mixed feelings. But the truth is, you can very easily turn this around and get the best out of a South-facing plot at G Square with the following simple tips.

Vaastu Tips for South Facing Plots

  1. Let’s start from the main door and fix it. Make sure your main door is placed to the centre of the South and is the largest door. The bigger your door is, the more positive energy it will allow inside.
  2. Get the most of the rejuvenating sunrays inside your kitchen by positioning it towards North-West or South-East corner. Ensure the door of the kitchen faces North, East or North-East and all cooking-related chores take place facing the East. A kitchen in the West can also bring in financial gains.
  3. Place your master bedroom where most positive energy is accumulated – South-West. If you want to build a villa with multiple floors, then construct your master bedroom on the topmost floor. The other bedrooms can be positioned in the North-West. It is better to avoid a North-East direction for young couples.
  4. Planting trees or having large flower pots on the North-East side is a good idea to repel negative energy.
  5. Colours also play an important role. For South-facing homes, browns, reds and oranges are auspicious for the façade. You can match it with similar colours for the interiors. Avoid black and blue.
  6. When it comes to staircases, do not keep your Pooja room or bathroom under them. Ensure the staircase is placed in the South or South-West direction. Keep the space under the staircase free of junk or dump for a smooth energy flow.
  7. Your Pooja room is the place where you feel most at peace. Hence construct it wisely. Make your Pooja room in the North-East corner. While praying, face either North or East direction. It is a good idea to use wood to construct this space rather than metal or stone. Try to hang a bell and ring it regularly.
  8. Avoid having a toilet in the four cardinal directions (North, South, East or West) or right next to the main entrance. The West of North-West direction is the ideal location for a toilet. Accordingly, the septic tank should be located in the South or North-East direction.
  9. Make the height of the Southern walls taller and thicker than the ones in North and East. This will ensure the walls absorb excessive heat in the afternoons and protect the home from direct sunlight.
  10. Underground water tanks or bore wells should not be placed in front of the house. It is believed to bring financial distress and health issues. South of South West is the ideal position for this.  And did you know? South-facing homes/plots have their advantages too!

Advantages of South-Facing Home or Plots

  1. Increased sunlight during the day
  2. More opportunities for gardening due to more natural light
  3. Apt for regions with cold climates
  4. More daylight means more energy saving

So don’t hesitate to go in for a South-facing plot. Simply turn that in your favour and build the home you’ve always dreamt of with your  G Square plot!