Different Types Of Real Estate Investments: Everything You Need To Know

January 27, 2023 | Chennai

Real estate investment is the most lucrative business one can invest in. Still, knowing and understanding the types of investments available is essential before committing a lump sum amount to a property. While most people only consider residential real estate and commercial real estate as investment options, the other types of real estate properties are equally beneficial and profit-generating.

This blog will walk you through the various types of real estate investments one can make to get the most out of your real estate investment.

Types Of Real Estate Investments To Invest In 

 While most people only consider residential and commercial properties as investment options, a variety of options are available based on an individual’s investment budget. It is strongly advised to consider all possible investment options to avoid delays and invest in the market appropriately.

There are five basic types of real estate investments:

  1. Residential plots
  2. Commercial plots
  3. Industrial plots
  4. Land for other special purposes

1. Residential Plots

Residential real estate investments involve buying homes for self-occupancy or renting apartments to tenants. This investment typically provides a steady income if you keep tenants in your properties.

It may require more work than other types of investing since you’ll need to maintain properties and find tenants on an ongoing basis. It includes single-family homes, multi-family homes, and apartments.

2. Commercial plots

Commercial real estate investments include buying retail stores, office buildings, or any other business to rent out space for a profit. These investments have higher returns than residential investments, but they usually require a significant initial investment. Because commercial real estate is typically used for business purposes, it can result in higher rental rates and longer lease terms.

3. Industrial plots

Industrial plots are types of real estate investments that involve purchasing and owning land within an industrial area. These types of properties typically include factories, warehouses, or other types of commercial establishments located in a particular area. The goal of investing in industrial plots is to generate rental income from the tenants residing on the property, as well as potential capital appreciation from future appreciation.

Additionally, these types of investments offer investors the ability to diversify their portfolios by adding different real estate assets. Industrial plots can be a great way to create long-term wealth; however, it requires research and careful planning before making any final decisions.

4. Land for other special purposes

Other types of real estate investments can yield a good profit. Some of them are as follows:

5. Agricultural plots

Anyone earning more than Rs. 25 lakhs per annum from a non-agricultural background is eligible to buy agricultural land. Investing in agricultural land is not the same as investing in any other type of agricultural land.

  • Vacation rental properties

These properties, such as beach houses or farmhouses, are rented out to tourists for short periods. Vacation rental properties can be a good investment because they are often in high demand, especially in popular vacation destinations.

  • Development projects 

It includes building new properties or renovating existing ones. Development projects can be risky, but they can also be very profitable if they are successful.

  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs) 

These are people or corporates that own and operate income-generating real estate. Investors purchase shares in a REIT and earn a share of the profits from the real estate holdings.

It is critical to carefully consider the risks and potential returns of each type of real estate investment before making a decision. Investors can make informed decisions when considering any real estate investment by researching local economic conditions and market trends. It is always better to consult a real estate professional to get the best investment options and guidance.

Best Guiding Professionals Of the Real Estate Market 

It’s evident that the real estate market is vast and constantly changes as per the country’s economic condition. Having a well-known expert real estate developer in the loop can help you score the best investment deal for your financial portfolio.

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Investing in plots is always preferable to investing in constructed facilities because constructed facilities depreciate faster than plots. Knowing the different types of properties and plots available for investment broadens your investment horizon and allows you to make sound decisions.

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